Special Projects Audio

Special Projects Audio is a division of Ansr Audio, Inc., manufacturer of fine wireless microphone products.

The Special Projects Audio brand is focused on delivering high quality components to users who need a little more than the standard off-the-shelf equipment. Designed for optimum performance in demanding environments, SP headworn microphones quickly became the favorite of fitness trainers worldwide.  With the introduction of the SP-H2O waterproof microphone with a user replaceable cable, SP became the new standard.

The motto of parent company Ansr Audio is “Define, Design, Deliver”.  This follows through with Special Projects.  Fitness professionals told us they wanted a fitness headset with an integrated transmitter that was frequency agile, rechargable and impervious to sweat.  That brought about the Evo True Wireless fitness system.

Always moving forward, we’ve got the drawing board full!

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